Desk-top capsule and tablet counting machine

It is the smallest counting machine on the market now. It is not only space saving, light weight, and easy to move, it can count different products such as pills, capsules, tablets, gel capsules and other similar products. Counting different products does not require changing parts on the machine. The digital display can store 8 gruops, making it suitable for low space and volume packaging units; especially laboratories, hospitals, etc.


․Small and light machine occupies less space and can be moved conveniently.
․A wide range of applications include tablets, capsules, soft capsules and transparent products.
․Counting different products without tools replacement and adjustment.
․Digital display can save 8 groups of production parameters.
․It is applicable to small-scaled production or pill-distributing in the hospital.
․It is easy to dismantle for clean-up and maintenance.
․All product contact parts are made of the G.M.P approved materials.


․Capacity :Max 600 pcs/min ,For dia. 8mm round tablet.
․Counting Range :1 ~ 9,999 purchase per bottle
․Product Size :#0 ~ #05 capsules ,soft capsules ,3~15mm tablets
․Container Diameter Range :20 ~ 90mm
․Container Height Limit :50 ~ 170mm
․Power Supply :AC 220V ,Single Phase 50/60Hz
․Consumed Power :200W
․Hopper Volume :6 liters
․Net Weight :30kg
․Dimension :320D*350W*660H mm

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