12 Channel counting machine

HW-C1202 Series automatic tablet and capsule counting machine has 12 channels, and is equipped with touch screen interface. It provides intuitive screens and easy operations. The human-machine interface allows the user to know the precise status of the machine, so as to increase the efficiency and productivity. It can be used in counting and packaging of tablets, capsules, food and other industries.


․Control System consists of three parts, H.M.I, sensor box and control box, both of which are easy to replace and maintain.
․All product contact parts are made of SUS 304 or SUS 316(optional), meeting the G.M.P requirement, which are easy to dismantle for cleanup and maintenance.
․A wide range of applications include tablets, capsules, soft capsules and transparent products, without tooling change over or adjustment.
․Equipped with dust recycling pipelines the machine will stop automatically and send out alarms indicating the need to clean the dust on the window in case of an accumulation of thick dust.
․LCD display shows the parameters and machine status, and also has the self-diagnosis function.
․Equipped with output vibration device, avoiding fill jam.
․Electric I/O is provided for easy connection with all package lines.
․Production information list and history records could be copied to the computer through USB devices, serving as the production management basis (optional).


․Capacity :Max 6,500 pcs/min ,For dia. 8mm round tablet.
․Counting Range :1 ~ 9,999 purchase per bottle
․Product Size :#00 ~ #05 capsules ,soft capsules ,3~20mm tablets
․Container Diameter Range :15 ~ 100mm
․Container Height Limit :50 ~ 190mm
․Power Supply :AC 220V ,Single Phase 50/60Hz
․Air Consumption :6 kg/cm2 ,50 liters/min
․Consumed Power :1000W
․Hopper Volume :30 liters
․Net Weight :500kg
․Dimension :1500D*1800W*1900H mm(with conveyor)

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